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Tips To Make Your Heart Stress Free

Jigar K Shah10-May-2023

Heart: The Source of Life 

There is no doubt that we humans are caught up in our mundane routine life. We are so consumed in our personal, financial and professional matters that we rarely get a chance to focus on our health. Indeed, many young and mature adults would contest this statement as they keep a tab on their health and monitor their body’s well-being. But many of these are fitness enthusiasts whose primary focus is to get their bellies in shape and flaunt their biceps! Everyone is focused on having good skin, zero hair fall, a fit body and building a pack of abs, that maintaining the health of the most vital organ of human anatomy is often ignored.

Heart, you can call it a powerhouse organ or the beating engine, as without the Heart, all life would come to a standstill. The heart beats around 1,00,000 times a day and approximately 2.5 billion times in an average lifetime. Apart from this, ensuring sound heart health is essential as it pushes gallons of blood to every part of the body by pulsating continuously. It also pumps and delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell, whisking away the body’s waste products and carbon dioxide.

Given the Heart’s relentless workload, it’s incredible that this organ functions so wonderfully throughout the life course of almost everyone. But for some, the heart can fail due to a poor diet, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, unlucky genes, and many more reasons. But if you want to live longer and avoid visiting a heart specialist hospital in Lucknow or elsewhere, you must take good care of your health.

Avoid taking unnecessary medicines and injections to look good and healthy on the outside, but instead focus on the lifeline within, the Heart, which will keep all the ailments and lethargy at bay! If you want to improve your heart health and keep away from minor or severe cardiovascular diseases, you must consult with a professional heart surgeon in Lucknow. Dr. Jigar K. Shah is a professional and expert heart specialist in Lucknow. He is your friendly yet reliable heart specialist whom you can rely on for all your heart-related concerns.

The reasons for low heart health are many. In spite of this fact, rarely do we come across guided and structured ways to implement that will improve heart health. Therefore, we have listed a few tips and hacks that will fuel your heart health and make it stronger and optimal for a healthy and optimal life. 


A Healthy Heart Approach - To Keep Your Heart Stress Free

Astonishingly, the mighty organ, the Heart, which is responsible for guarding your life, is only the size of a clenched fist. Nonetheless, regardless of your age, here is a list of lifestyle choices by our cardiac surgeon in Lucknow that you must embrace for a hale and hearty life.

    1. Recognise the Stressors: No matter how happy or sane you may appear, the hard reality is that there is a constant worry or thought at the back of your mind. These endless thoughts could be a past event, a present financial or personal concern, or a fear of a future event. A perpetual pondering can not only put your heart at unease but also trouble your mind. Identifying these stress points and taking appropriate measures to balance them is crucial. You can follow practices like listening to music, talking to a friend, journaling or practicing meditation and breathing to deviate from worries.

    2. Sweat Surrender: Not only do the cardiac surgeons in Lucknow suggest to quit on processed sugar, but every doctor advises the same. For a healthy life, you must cut down on your sweet intake. Swap your candy bars and pastries with natural sources of sugar, such as dates and jaggery. To quench your thirst during summer, you can have water, coconut water, or buttermilk instead of soft drinks, which are plain sugar with no nutritional value. Avoiding sugar will make you feel healthy and maintain weight.

    3. Hit the Gym: In our sedentary lifestyle, we have forgotten the importance of exercising and being physically active. The more you sweat and keep moving, the healthier your heart is and will pump more blood! Therefore, exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. You can go for brisk walks, work out in the gym or even opt for group activities like dance, yoga, and Pilates. You can also use stairs instead of elevators and walk or stand while doing chores.

    4. Sound Sleep: Skipping sleep for parties, Netflix, or late-night work will give you heart troubles and diseases. For a wholesome life, you need to sleep for 8 hours at least. Good quality sleep also keeps you away from stress which is good for the heart.

    5. Maintain a Healthy Diet: Every heart surgeon in Lucknow or elsewhere has stated that junk food is the leading cause of heart disease. Biscuits, pizzas, burgers or chips have a high amount of trans-fats, calories, oil and salt, which impact your heart health. Instead of consuming preserved foods, have green and clean leafy vegetables and fruits which have high nutrition.

    6. Monitor BP, Glucose and Diabetes: You will never have to visit a heart specialist hospital in Lucknow if you keep track of your blood pressure, diabetes and blood sugar levels. All of these are top reasons for many adults suffering from heart attacks. Along with maintaining weight, diet and regular exercise, check your BP, diabetes and glucose levels routinely.

    7. Know Family History: Many suffer from heart ailments because of their genes. Hence, check with our cardiac specialist in Lucknow whether anyone in your family suffers from heart disease.

    8. Quit Smoking and Alcohol Intake: Smoking and alcohol are harmful to health and increase the chances of a heart stroke from 2 to 4 times.

   9. Check Oil and Salt Intake: Along with sugar, you must limit oil and salt intake. Excess oil leads to cholesterol, and extra salt leads to high blood pressure. Both of these can worsen your heart condition.

    10. Stay Happy: A vital tip for good heart health is to stay happy, keep smiling and avoid stress!

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