What To Watch Out for After Valve Replacement Surgery in India?

What To Watch Out for After Valve Replacement Surgery in India?


Things To Anticipate After a Valve Replacement Surgery.

You will undoubtedly have many inquiries if your doctor determines that one of your heart valves requires repair or repla


How Crucial Is Vascular Surgery?

Dr. Jigar K Shah      09-Sep-2022

Seek help from a vascular surgeon in Lucknow

Any blockage, plaque, or valve obstruction in the arteries and veins of the circulatory system, including the body's lymphatic system, i

Finding the Best Heart Surgeon in Lucknow for a bypass surgery


Heart bypass surgery is carried out by cardiac surgeons, often known as cardiothoracic surgeons. You should only trust a highly skilled Cardiac Surgeon in Lucknow to undertake cardiac bypass surger

What a Cardiac Surgeon in Lucknow advices about Dos and Dont after Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Jigar K Shah      22-Jul-2022

Dr Jigar Shah is a renowned Cardiac surgeon in Lucknow. He has been a heart surgeon for more than 8 years and is an expert in all aspects of heart surger

You Need to know About Heart Surgery by Dr. Jigar K Shah

Dr. Jigar K Shah      04-Jul-2022

What is a cardiac surgeon?

A surgeon who operates on the heart and the main blood arteries surrounding it is a cardiac surgeon. A cardiac surgeon may bel