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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Dr. Jigar K. Shah      04-Jun-2024

To keep your heart in a healthy position, you must exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and avoid any fatty or sugary foods. It is important to include healthy habits in your lifestyle to mainta

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Tips To Make Your Heart Stress Free

Jigar K Shah      10-May-2023

Heart: The Source of Life 

There is no doubt that we humans are caught up in our mundane routine life. We are so consumed in our personal, financial an


How left ventricular assist device tackle end-stage heart failure?


LVAD: What is it?

The Left Ventricular Assist Device is a mechanical heart pump that is placed after surgery. An artificial heart is not like an LVAD. An LVAD works alongside the heart

What To Watch Out for After Valve Replacement Surgery in India?

What To Watch Out for After Valve Replacement Surgery in India?


Things To Anticipate After a Valve Replacement Surgery.

You will undoubtedly have many inquiries if your doctor determines that one of your heart valves requires repair or repla


How Crucial Is Vascular Surgery?

Dr. Jigar K Shah      09-Sep-2022

Seek help from a vascular surgeon in Lucknow

Any blockage, plaque, or valve obstruction in the arteries and veins of the circulatory system, including the body's lymphatic system, i

Finding the Best Heart Surgeon in Lucknow for a bypass surgery


Heart bypass surgery is carried out by cardiac surgeons, often known as cardiothoracic surgeons. You should only trust a highly skilled Cardiac Surgeon in Lucknow to undertake cardiac bypass surger

What a Cardiac Surgeon in Lucknow advices about Dos and Dont after Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Jigar K Shah      22-Jul-2022

Dr Jigar Shah is a renowned Cardiac surgeon in Lucknow. He has been a heart surgeon for more than 8 years and is an expert in all aspects of heart surger

You Need to know About Heart Surgery by Dr. Jigar K Shah

Dr. Jigar K Shah      04-Jul-2022

What is a cardiac surgeon?

A surgeon who operates on the heart and the main blood arteries surrounding it is a cardiac surgeon. A cardiac surgeon may bel