Thoracic surgeries

Thoracic surgeries

Medical science and technology have developed so quickly in past few years. Consistent advancements in the medical field have improved millions of lives.  As the years pass by modern surgery continues to improve and nowadays surgeons are also required to have knowledge of the anatomical area of a human body or to specialize in a particular part. There are surgical specialties in Thoracic surgeries and we are practicing all cardiothoracic challenges.


What is Cardiothoracic Surgery?

Thoracic or cardiothoracic surgery refers to treating or operating on organs in the chest or thorax, especially the heart, lungs, and esophagus. The thoracic cavity lies between the neck and diaphragm and contains the heart and lungs, the esophagus, trachea, pleura, mediastinum, and chest wall. Some of the major surgeries in thoracic surgery performed by Cardiothoracic surgeons include coronary artery bypass surgery, heart or lung transplant, and removal of tissues of the lungs affected by cancer or TB.

Surgery procedure is critical and lengthy and it requires skills , performed with an advanced form of medical equipment and intensive care for the patient after surgery. Lunt chest trauma, empyema, bullous lung diseases, pneumothorax, bronchiectasis, hydatid cyst, and mediastinal mass are just a few clinical indications for thoracic surgery.

 Major Subcategories of Cardiothoracic Surgery

The principal subspecialties in cardiothoracic surgeries are thoracic, cardiac, and congenital. Few cardiothoracic surgeons perform both thoracic and adult cardiac surgery but the majority specialize in one of these categories. Dr Jigar Shah is expert in doing both heart and lung surgeries.


Thoracic- Thoracic treatment generally relates to the chest wall, lungs esophagus, and diaphragms.

Congenital- This is the most complex type of cardiac surgery which is mostly performed by highly talented and experienced cardiothoracic surgeons.

Adult Cardiac – Adult cardiac surgery practising by Cardiothoracic surgeons is concerned with coronary heart issues and valvular disease. In the aging population need for valve or coronary artery bypass graft surgery rising quickly.


Our Spectrums for thoracic surgery -

  • Decortication- Decortication surgery aims to remove a fibrous tissue that abnormally formed on the surface of the chest wall or lung. This is a very complex and lengthy procedure and practicing by specialized and experienced Cardiothoracic Surgeons

  • Lobectomy- This is a surgical procedure to remove one of the lobes of the lungs. The lungs have a portion called lobes. The right lung has 3 and the left lung has 2 lobes. A lobectomy is a procedure when there is some problem found in just a section of a lung. 
  • Pneumonectomy- This is concerned with the removal of the whole lung.
  • Cervical Rib Excision- Cervical rib excision is the treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Mediastinal Mass Excision- Mediastinal excision is a surgical procedure to remove a mediastinal tumour. It can be done through an anterior or lateral approach.
  • Minimal invasive surgery -Thoracic surgery which may be performed with modern and advanced medical equipment is called minimally invasive surgery or thoracotomy surgery. Thoracic surgeons opt for this procedure when it is necessary to operate on large parts of the chest cavity or lungs. Principally thoracotomy surgery performs to treat lung cancer. The main significance of these machines is that patients recover quickly after surgery.