Complex Heart Surgeries

Complex Heart Surgeries

Cardiac Surgery at Chandan Hospital

Dr Jigar Shah ( MBBS , MS, MCH ) is a skillfull board certified (GMC , UPMC) cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon from Chandan Hospital , Lucknow who performs a wide range of surgical procedures like open heart surgery for coronary aretery disease , valvular heart disease as well as lung and vascular surgeries  while expertly overseeing an operating room staff, having cutting edge surgical techniques, committed to exceptional patient care that includes careful monitoring during procedures and follow up care to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every patient.

Why Chandan Hospital?

Surgical procedures on the heart are necessary for a variety of reasons. Cardiac surgeons in Lucknow are able to diagnose and treat problems with the heart, such as valve problems, abnormal heart rhythms, and narrowing of the coronary arteries. As a surgical procedure, open-heart surgery can be complicated and can lead to many different potential complications if not treated early with expert hands.

However, with a team of skilled Heart Surgeon in Lucknow like Dr Jigar Shah and his staff ( including cardiac anesthetist , perfusionist and trained nursing staff). Chandan  Hospital provides wide range of successful heart surgeries at minimal cost.

We Treat

Dr Jigar Shah is one of the best Heart Surgeon in Lucknow. With his dedicated team, advanced medical care technique and latest equipment he provides better treatment outcomes for numerous heart patients and delivers world class services and handles each and every difficult situation.

1.    Coronary Artery Disease

2.    Rheumatic Heart Disease

3.    Hypertensive heart disease

4.    Ischemic heart disease

5.    Inflammatory heart disease

6.    Carotid disease

7.    Heart block

8.    Heart attack

9.    Angina

10.  Arrhythmia

11.  Atrial Septal defect

12.  Heart Valve Leakage




Dr Jigar is a leading heart surgeon in Lucknow. He is a very well-respected Cardiac Surgeon in Lucknow who is well-known for his successful treatments of coronary artery disease, angina, heart attack, and other cardiac conditions.

Cardiac Emergency Services at Chandan Hospital

24×7 Availability of Cardiac Specialists

Emergency Angioplasty Advanced Cardiac Emergency Services with a full range of critical care services.

Ambulance with cardiac specialist 24×7 available


Dr Jigar Shah is an expert in the field of cardiac surgery, and with him Chandan Hospital provides treatment for all cardiac needs. From a full cardiac check-up to coronary bypass surgery, we are committed to providing the best medical care for our patients. As the need for cardiac care has increased in Lucknow, we have grown to meet the demand.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and cath lab, Dr Jigar Shah provides all kind of care to the  patients, whether it is a routine check-up or a heart surgery.  If you or a loved one is in need of a Cardiac Surgeon in Lucknow, please contact Dr Jigar Shah at Chandan Hospital.